VIDEO: Eating Frog for Your Health

I tried frog legs in a French restaurant many years ago when I first visited Paris as a college student. If I was going to try frog, there’s no better place than in France. I wasn’t a fan, but maybe it’s because I couldn’t get the image of eating a slimy croaking creature out of my head. Purely psychological.

Frogologist Chelsea Wan says that’s a common barrier for non-frog eaters. But once you get over it, you can reap many health benefits from eating frog, she says. She explains in the video below.

Chelsea’s family owns the Jurong Frog Farm in Singapore, which raises and harvests American bullfrogs for local consumption. The farm sells frog products to restaurants, grocery stores and residents.

Incidentally, I had frog porridge at Halia Restaurant in the Singapore Botanic Gardens a few days later as part of the dinner tasting menu. The menu said it was sourced from Jurong Frog Farm so I was eager to try it. As Chelsea said, the meat melted in my mouth and the dish was delicious. I wonder if it improved my lung function or blood pressure.

If you’re in Singapore, visiting Jurong Frog Farm offers a unique learning experience, especially for the kids. They can feed and touch live frogs. And if you’ve never had frog, you can sample frog meat there.

The farm is located in the Kranji countryside, a rural area in northwest Singapore where you’ll find the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and several sustainable farms that specialize in vegetables, flowers, goat’s milk, fireflies, fish and koi. Many farms are open to the public and you can watch a goat milking session or visit the city-state’s largest banana grower.

Jurong Frog Farm
51 (Plot 56)
Lim Chu Kang Lane 6
Singapore 718864
+65 6791 7229

Tuesday-Friday (by appointment only)
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (9.00am-5.30pm)